Mission statement

Due to our well-built position in the industry, we have had the honor of working with prestigious clientele in various sectors. We have provided services in the Healthcare department,Educational institutes, Medical Devices, Pharmacological sites, Food Services, Commercial areas, Hotels, and Leisure departments. We pride ourselves on following "a can-do"attitude for all internal and external problems.

This is how we have delivered quality installations throughout the decade at a highly affordable rate, providing excellent value for money.

At Ashgrove Mechanical Services Ltd and Ashgrove Fireproofing Ltd, we are committed to building client relationships as we do not want to be another name on your list of trial and error. As a result of this ideology, we have acquired a loyal clientele. This is why the majority of our work comes from repeat business. Multiple industry experts, best in their field, are a part of our company. Therefore, we provide many services such as designing, installation, commissioning, & maintenance. We also have a competent team that covers all aspects of mechanical services, including air conditioning, ventilation, BMS, heating, plumbing, & energy monitoring.

Our Core Features

RGI Registered

The CER has developed a comprehensive certification system for the regulation and safety of natural gas installation activities. Our company strictly follows these safety regulations, so our installers are registered RGI.

SEAI Registered

Our SEAI registration is proof of oursustainable energy installers. SEAI has issued two lists of registeredinstallers for the Greener Homes Scheme (See more at SEAI) to correctly guide customers in the certifiedinstaller selection process. You can review both lists to see that our servicesare aligned with them.

Fully Insured

In addition to being fully qualified, our whole installation and maintenance staff is fully insured to provide mechanical and building service. At Ashgrove Mechanical Services Ltd, we ensure that every employee is fully regulated to issue any required certification upon service completion.

F-Gas Registered

We are fully F-Gas Registered and rightfully allowed by law to install, maintain, and repair refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, and any equipment containing F-Gas refrigerants.

IFC Certified

Ashgrove Fire Proofing Limited has been certified for Inspection & Installation of Passive Fire Protection,
Assessments & verification of Quality Control Systems , Competency of Individuals and site audits.

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